Westeros in My Dreams!

The world is still getting back to its normal self after the seventh season of Game of Thrones ended recently. I became hooked to the series in 2016 when two of my friends forced me to watch it, saying that it’s my kind of drama and I will like it for sure – and I did. My husband and I watched the previous five seasons in less than a month’s time. Luckily for us, we didn’t have to go through a whole year’s misery to find out if Jon Snow comes back to life or not. I started relating to such misery of all the fans only after watching Season 6. Now, I am experiencing it for the second time. The unending wait.

This current season was awesome in so many aspects. We saw Dany using the dragons in a battle for the first time. We saw the most-awaited revelation about Jon Snow’s highborn bloodline. And how can I forget his perfect naked butt. We also witnessed many characters share the screen for the first time during the seven years of the show. I felt really sad when Viserion was put down by the Night King but we have to give him the credit for a great throw. What got me wondering was, where the hell did they get the chains from to drag Viserion out of the frozen lake? I mean, there is more magic to the Night King than meets the eye, of course, but such huge chains? How?

Anyway, my obsession with GOT is not very old but that doesn’t mean it’s not deep. After watching six seasons and waiting for the seventh to start airing, I decided to read the books as well because after reading the theories online and a few twists which were there in the books but not in the series, I got curious. Luckily, when I left my previous job (I will be writing a blog on it soon), I received the five books of The Song of Ice and Fire. I am already on my second book and re-watching the whole series again. This was happening while the seventh season was on air.

GOT was on my mind, continuously. Naturally, this obsession led to the series making its debut in my dreams as well.

I dreamt one just last night in which the army of the wights had crossed the Wall and now they were invading the cities. I even had a bird’s eye view of the continent where the invasion was happening, and guess what, it was Westeros. But the interesting part is, it was the modern era and there were mobile phones and cars and other technologies.

The news showed how the colonies or cities fell to the intrusion and how the government is still planning in how to fight them. Of course I had to think about saving my family and all. The quickest way my brain could come up with was something similar to a safe room. So apparently, the threat was there for a great length of time now and the cities that fell had ignored it. But people like me, they listened and listened carefully. I had built a safe room in front of my house under the garage. It too was a hi-tech two-to-three room facility, made of steel, equipped with TVs and other electronic gadgets. I had stuffed it with canned food, medicines and other necessary items including toys for the baby. I managed to gather all my family before the Night King’s army reached our town but my husband was nowhere to be seen. It was like a Hollywood film, when he came in my sight, the whole army was behind him trying to get him but he made it inside just a fraction before the blue fire of the dragon hit the closed door of the safe room. This was when I woke-up.

It made me think, will the blue fire of the dragon melt the steel safe room or tamper it in any way? One should be ready just in case and truth be told, “WINTER IS COMING”.

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