Tips to make your baby gain weight and become healthy

Today, a colleague of mine asked me about my daughter’s weight; she is now 2-years-old and was visiting my office when he asked. He didn’t believe his ears when I told him her weight. He has a daughter as well (around two-and-a-half-years-old) and kept denying that she – my daughter – can’t weigh that much because his daughter weighs less than her. Interestingly, I had just weighed her yesterday and was really surprised to see the number on the screen. I, myself, couldn’t believe what I was seeing and had to confirm from my husband. According to the machine, my daughter weighed 16kgs.

My parents, friends and nieces have been telling me that she has put on weight and now looks very cute and healthy. My parents, especially my father, start panting after two minutes of holding her in their arms. I have been very happy for the past few weeks because she was eating properly and putting on weight and feel proud of myself that all the efforts I had put in were paying off, finally.

I have been using a simple trick which might not go down well with a lot of parents and doctors but I am happy because it worked for me. I had heard from few parents and also from a senior official in Nestle that Cerelac is not for feeding babies through milk bottles. Parents should not do it because it is dangerous, however, a lot of parents do give their kids Cerelac in milk bottles. I didn’t exactly do that but I started putting two to three spoons of it with milk in every bottle. Since my daughter is still very fond of just chugging her milk bottles and not very keen on having solids with few exceptions, it started working on her. It reduced my stress level as well because I used to worry a lot about her food intake and her weight.

My daughter has also started eating other solids on her own now but I still give her Cerelac in three to four bottles, mixed with milk. She is less cranky these days and more naughty and playful. I think there is no harm in trying the same trick if your toddler is doing the same. It might work for you as well.

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