His claws made me weak in the knees…

He was 32 when I first saw him and I was a university student – a mere 21-year-old. He was killing random people whom he labeled as enemies with his claws made of adamantium. It was love at first sight. It has been 17 years now and I have seen him kill so many people ruthlessly in various era and countries so far. And each time he kills, I like him more.

He is Logan – the Wolverine – whom we all know as and from X-Men. I have always been into superhero characters and movies and Wolverine (played by the rustically handsome Hugh Jackman) is on number 1 in my list, closely followed by The Batman.


The first movie of Hugh Jackman I saw was X-Men in 2000 and his ninth movie in which he played Logan just got released. However, it isn’t nearly as brilliant as his other Wolverine movies. I didn’t quite like it besides the fact that it had him in it, and there are quite a few reasons why.

The first thing I didn’t like about the movie was their portrayal of Logan as old, mortal and not the usual wild animal he had been in previous films.


Second, *spoiler alert* he dies in the movie. They killed my number 1 superhero and I am in distress ever since. Seventeen years. I have invested 17 years in this and now it has ended just like that! The kind of liking I have had for Hugh Jackman for all these years made me follow all his movies like crazy; Prisoners, The Prestige, Les Miserable, Real Steel, Scoop, Australia and even Happy Feet. I am a big fan of his. I have even hooted, whistled and clapped for his wins and performances. And now, his biggest franchise has just ended for me…

Thirdly, the movie has left many questions unanswered; such as why were Professor X, Caliban and Wolverine the only mutants left? Why were they living in an abandoned factory? What had Professor X done to come to these circumstances? What happened to other mutants? Etc. While this kind of gives me hope that there might be another movie that will answer all these questions and I will be able to see the Wolverine once again, it throws a dull shade on Logan as a movie itself.


Besides this, Logan didn’t impress me in terms of the story or the sci-fi factor because they didn’t show the making of the new mutants; they just showed them as kids. A little bit more detail about how they came about would have been interesting. There are a few technical errors as well. For example, during the climax scenes, when the team of Colonel Stryker’s son was trying to capture the mutant kids, they were just running around in the jungle, screaming like normal children would. It was only after Wolverine entered the scene that the kids remembered to use their powers. This left me thinking, did they forgot to use them or the director wanted only the Wolverine to be in the limelight? This was a plot flaw which could have been undertaken in a better way.

I liked the new wolverine’s claws – one less than Logan protruding from each her hand and one coming out of each her foot – though. While they movie had a few redeeming qualities, it wasn’t the best movie from the X-Men franchise.


As for Hugh, he will be missed as Logan. I remember once how I came real close to him at the Los Angeles airport but, being from Pakistan, I thought there has to be a VIP line and exit for such celebrities at the airports, and that someone like Hugh Jackman wouldn’t possibly wait in line for his visa. Thus I dismissed the idea of meeting him, thinking it was some doppelganger. It was only later that I got to learn that there are no such lines in the US and it was really him. I want to kick my ass till this date whenever I remember the incident.

So Hugh, if you are reading this (by some twist of fate), I would like to meet you again and have a proper conversation with you.


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