The quest for the best – prenursery in Karachi

Staying true to my family’s tradition, it was my turn to start the crazy search for a good pre-nursery for my daughter. Actually, the search had started when she had turned six-months-old, which was in January of 2016. But it gained a lot of momentum in the latter half of the year.

I have seen the kids of my siblings starting schools and knew a little about different schools, their teaching styles and reputations. So I already had a few names on my list to explore and pursue. When the time came to call all these schools and inquire about their admission policies and timings, majority of them didn’t go as planned.

One of the schools upon, hearing that she is in her seventh month, told me that she is over-aged now and they won’t consider her for admission in their school. I mean just ‘WOW’ – a seven-month-old baby was over-aged for these people. Ridiculous! And what’s more, the tone of the woman talking was so condescending that I felt as if I wasn’t serious about my daughter’s admission or future. I mean, she was still just a baby and what was the admission officer of the famous preschool in Clifton Block 4 thinking – the application was for PhD?

The next school simply refused to even talk to me saying that the admissions have already been closed for 2017 and there is no waiting list, so we won’t even consider talking to you. I was mind blown by the behavior of the women heading the schools I was planning to send my child to. What would she become in the care of such women and teachers?

Nonetheless, I hadn’t given up just yet. There were two more options left to explore or should I say to get a scolding from on how non-serious as a mother I was for my baby’s future and to be told to f*** off.


The one in DHA Phase 8 takes good 25 minutes to reach from my home, which my husband didn’t like. They failed to impress him and we didn’t pursue it whole-heartedly – though I had paid a registration fee for the admission process; which the madam or the sir must have utilized for their vacations at some exotic place. Alright, I am exaggerating; the fee wasn’t that much but altogether it would have supported the vacation.

Two kids of my sister have also studied there – one still goes to that school – which is why the admin guy asked me if I was Dr. Sadaf’s sister. Just because of this recognition he called us several times but our interest died down after we realized that the school was good half an hour’s – each side – drive away.

So we were already three options down. The last hope for me was a famous and old prenursery in Clifton Block 1 about which I had heard that the admissions are given on source, since they cater to a closed community. Basically, the future of daughter was bleak.

This time, I decided to go in-person to talk to the head of the school. She also told me the same; that they register the kids till the age of six months. However, she was decent and courteous enough to invite me to her room to have a chat. At the end of our chat, she asked me to fill a registration form and contact her again when my daughter turned 18-months-old. She said that she will have a final consideration at that time.

Finally, we saw some hope. I requested everyone around me – my parents and husband – to remind me. I even put reminders on my phone and laptop to call the school come December.


In December 2016, we went out with the family of a friend of my husband. His wife, also a Montessori teacher, asked me if I had gotten my daughter registered in any school. I told her the whole story and about the last hope as well. She told me to call the school as soon as possible since the head was going on a leave for her granddaughter’s wedding.  I called the school on the first working day of the following week only to learn that she has already gone on leave and I should call back in January.

It was dying – the hope – and I started to panic and getting anxious. I spent the month stressing about it. Finally, January 2017 came and I called the school on the given date. The owner was still not in but the representative asked me if she could be of any help. I retold the whole story only to hear the most dreaded words, ‘but our batches for January and August 2017 are already full.’ I wanted to scream the life out of me and head butt her, like seriously. She further added that I can get in touch with the head tomorrow if I want.

Disappointed and frustrated, I called my husband to inform him. After listening to my blabbing, he suggested that we go to the school to meet the head instead of calling her.

I couldn’t sleep well through the night and had butterflies in my stomach as if it was about my own admission. Well, it was, kind of.

The meeting with the head was short and crisp, where she asked us if we had registered our daughter, which we had – checked.  She also commented that the baby looked ready for school – checked. Our persuasion showed our determination – checked. She asked us to call again next week, where she would inform us if it’s a yes or no.

I spent three days counting and reminding myself to call the school. On Tuesday, she asked me to call her again in March but this time to fill few forms since my daughter’s admission was confirmed. This nice lady had saved my day and my daughter’s future.

We had accomplished her first milestone!


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