Wheels on the bus go round and round – Part 2

Some of the images used in this blog are from sultan-ahmet.net.

The area where we had gotten off was some kind of market… and a busy one. We tried to look for a sign to figure out the name of the market but couldn’t find any. So we asked two policemen who were sitting in their patrol car. Like most Turkish people, their English wasn’t fluent but we figured out that this market is called ‘Egyptian Market’.


Our main purpose of coming here was to look for a vendor selling cooked fish. We bought apple tea, blue cheese and other dried Turkish treats searching for the fish. There were hundreds of shop selling Turkish souvenirs as well.


We walked the whole length of the shops selling cooked food but there was only one shop who was selling fish. The restaurant was really dirty and smelled a lot. I tried to sell other ideas of food to my husband but he was determined to have fish. So we sat at that restaurant and order few random things including fish.

There we found a Bangla server and asked him for his suggestions. As expected, the food was pathetic and we became very upset. Food is an important thing for both of us. My husband has these desires for various kinds of dishes that emerge out of nowhere. Like on our first day, he told me that he is craving for Nihari and if I can make it for him. I mean Nihari, in Istanbul, on vacations, without Shaan masala’s help. I can’t even imagine the level of catastrophe that would be.

Tired, we stood up from that horrible café and headed for our apartment. We were tired but still had the tourist spirit. We saw another mosque right next to the Egyptian market’s netrance and decided to visit it before looking for the tram station.


I saw the signs of the tram and we headed towards the tram station following the signs. The sun had already set and the wind had started blowing. The clouds suddenly covered the sky. There were many travelers waiting for the trams because it was the rush hour. We had to pass two trams before we could find place for the three of us and the stroller.

My husband found a seat and sat down with the baby. She suddenly made friends with all the travelers around her and was talking with them in her baby language. By the time we got off at our stop, drizzling had started. I saw Starbucks and had to have a coffee from there. It would be criminal if I just ignore it. So we went inside and ordered a Pumpkin Spice. Though my husband was in a foul mood after having that pathetic dinner and we had to walk in the drizzling for 10 minutes to reach our apartment but the coffee – which he reluctantly took a sip of – lifted his mood.

We found a new way to our place and my husband showed me the hamam he tried on first day. He had enjoyed it so much that he just can’t stop talking about it. The baby was again singing and enjoying the walk. We bought water, bread and eggs on our way back for next day’s breakfast. The rain started full throttle as soon as we reached the apartment. Since it was already 11PM, I changed the baby in fresh clothes and we settled in the bed planning for the next day.


  • The wheels on the bus
    December 17, 2016

    Very great post. I just stumbled upon your weblog and wanted to say that I have really
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    • Shafaq
      December 19, 2016

      Dear reader,

      Thank you for your appreciation.

      The follow up episodes will be uploaded soon. keep reading and admiring.

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