Part 3: How disaster ensued during my visa process for Turkey!

So even today, we went through the same process; surrendered our phones unwillingly, went to the guy sitting on the second counter who looked at us with suspicion when we told him that we are here for collecting our passports. He asked for our receipts, checked them online and told us that, indeed, the applications were ready for collection and gave us a token.

This time, there were at least six people before us; we had hoped that this wouldn’t take long and we’ll be able to go back to our workplaces in time. But the person serving at this counter had other people. I am not sure what was wrong with him; maybe he was having a depression attack, maybe he was done with his life, or perhaps he was hungry, had malnutrition or was slow in general. But something was definitely wrong because he took a good 60-minutes to get done with that line. By the time we reached the counter, my husband and I were positively disgruntled.

The guy before us in the queue had received a call from Gerry’s in the morning asking him to collect his passport from there but the agent at the counter kept asking him if he actually received a call or if he simply came here on his own. He would go inside the other room and come back after 10 minutes to tell this guy that he couldn’t find his passport. So we requested him to check ours so that we can leave.

He took our slip, went inside, came out after 10 minutes and asked for copies of our CNICs. Since there was no mention of this requirement, my husband got pissed and told the agent that it was not the consulate’s requirement but Gerry’s so he should get it done there only. He took the card, went inside again and came back after 10 minutes with our passports.

When we complained that he is taking too much time, we were informed that there is no copier in Gerry’s. This came as a big surprise because with the amount of money Gerry’s is making, they could have bought a room full of copiers for customer’s ease… but no.

Anyway, the agent took his own sweet time in checking the passports in front of us. While standing there, we learned that Gerry’s has charged us for SMS alerts regarding the status of our passports (we never received any SMS and that money went to the company straight, FYI). My husband tried informing the manager about all this and also wanted to complain again about the steps and a warning sign but he paid no heed to it.

We were just not happy with the services Gerry’s is giving and charging so much for IT. The only good thing that came out of our visits was that we got our visas and we are going to Istanbul. Woohoo!

P.S. I will be writing a travelogue on my Turkey visit starting from Saturday, 22 October 2016, so please stay tuned.

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