Say no to waiting at salons

This time, I would like to write a review of a beauty salon called CosmoDerme.

So my husband and I had thrown a dinner party for friends and family and I had planned to get my hair and eye makeup done professionally. The rest could be done at home and would have been enough. So I inquired from many salons about the rates and availability and was surprised to know that the prices have really gone up. Then I called the girl I usually get my services done from and asked about the prices of the salon she works for; I found the prices reasonable and booked an appointment for 4:15PM. This way I would have enough time to come back home, get ready, dress up my baby and then reach the venue before any of our guests arrived.

So I went to the salon as per plan and told the owner who sits at the reception about my appointment and requested her to please hook me up as soon as possible. She called the senior hairstylist and the makeup person in and started a discussion as to who would take me first. The hairstylist checked my hair, asked me questions about my last cut and she and the owner recommended that I should go for a fresh cut which will help in giving a better style. I disagreed and asked them to start as soon as possible; I told them that the cut will take time, which I don’t have. They still argued, tried to convince me and asked me to wait again. It was 4:50PM already and, as per my plan, I should be out on the road in next 40 minutes. I asked the owner that if there was a longer wait, I could get my nails done – which, at professional salons, usually take 10 minutes. She called in another girl and sent me to this manicure room. This girl took around 25 minutes to get my nails done. While at it, I had to drop the idea of the blow dry and asked the senior person who was now the in-charge (since the owner had left) to just get my eye makeup done. The makeup artist came and talked to me for 10 minutes and then set up the room. It was already 5:35PM. I kept on telling them how it was already quite late for me and asking them if they can just hurry up so that my trip won’t go to waste completely.

By this point, by husband had started calling me to ask about my status and I was panicking. The makeup artist did two experiments on my eyes to see if I liked any of them so that she could replicate the same on the other eye. It was 5:55PM. There was no sign of the hairstylist as yet. At 6:05PM, my patience finally gave in and I asked the makeup artist to remove whatever experiments she had put on my eyes, took my money back and left the salon fuming. Yes, that’s right. They had taken the money from me the moment I reached the salon… no delays in that!

I reached home 30 minutes late as per the schedule, got ready in a hurry, dressed up my baby, reached the venue with my husband and the rest of my in-laws in tow but of course couldn’t make it before the guests. When we reached the venue, three families were already there waiting for us and that was really embarrassing and, of course, they didn’t know about my struggle that day. It was at that time, I wanted to punch that dumb owner really hard in the face.

It was a really bad experience and the worst part is that the owner and the worker didn’t care about my time and the effort that I had put in to make a booking. I could have just walked in and be treated the same. Our people, especially women, have permitted this trend and treatment on them. If they react and complain over such attitude and do not accept being treated like this, the service industry will have to change their attitude towards their clients as well. The salon owners think that their clients – especially women – have all the time in the world because they allow such treatment and keep sitting in the salons waiting for their turns to come. I would prefer paying extra somewhere but being treated respectfully.

The owner of CosmoDerme will not care about this review or how one customer feels about their attitude because numerous others haven’t complained about it. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t too. Understand that time is money and these salons can’t keep wasting it for us.

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