Five toddler-friendly restaurants to go to in Karachi


Five toddler-friendly restaurants to go to in Karachi-2

As a mother of a toddler, I can relate to every woman in the world who is trying to keep their social life alive with little monsters trying to ruin, or at least sabotage, it. Don’t give up just yet. While trying to do the same, I explored many restaurants in Karachi to socialize with friends in presence of my baby. It was hard to keep my baby entertained and confined to the baby chair with so much around her to explore. I received the same glares which I used to give to parents of toddlers which paid no heed. Now I know how difficult it is to restrain the giant orbs of energy. Yes, I would like to apologize to all those parents I was ever mean to.

So here are the five restaurants I explored, mostly with a friend who has two sons – a five year old and one of the same age as my daughter – and my husband, where I could visit with my baby without getting the glares.


  1. New York Coffee


This café is located at Zamzama and has really helping and professional staff.  My friend and I have visited this place at least twice ever since our babies started to sit and every time we went, the staff was very courteous. They are always very quick in picking things up which the babies drop. They even offer to hold the babies for you when you are eating. The quality of their food is an additional plus. It’s nothing from out of this world, but it is good. Prices are also reasonable. It is highly recommended, if you want to have a nice cup of coffee without facing the annoyed staff.


2. Casa Villa


It is another one of my favorite places to go for dinner with a very nice ambiance. The restaurant is highly recommended for formal dinners. The staff here is also very professional and would help you in from selecting the right dish to babysit your toddler. We celebrated a friend’s birthday there and by chance we had two babies of the crawling age with us – one of them was my daughter. As usual, they refused to sit on the baby chair and cooperate. Ten minutes in the restaurant and both the babies were crawling on the floor trying to catch each other. Fortunately, there was just us in the restaurant and the nice waiters kept an eye on the babies for us while we ate. Both the babies explored the whole restaurant and followed each other on the floor. It was a good time, altogether. However, the cleaning and changing back at home is a completely different story.


  1. Gloria Jeans


This is another café I often visit with my baby to hang out with friends. The staff here is also quite nice. They serve really good pastas and sandwiches, and I love their hot coffees too. The last time I went there, my daughter was all over the place. She was trying to coo another baby in her stroller and made small conversation too. She even went inside the check-out counter. There were few customers who didn’t like a baby moving around in the café; but who cares? My daughter was having a good time!

  1. MEWS


This is a very stylish, European-style hi-end restaurant in a posh area with an ordinary menu and really bad service but good and courteous staff. The service was bad may be because it was a busy day and a lot of people were waiting for the tables. I visited this place with the friend whose son is my daughter’s age, for lunch. We had a good time people watching. Babies had a good time since they were able to make noises, get off the baby chairs, sit on the table and touch the cutlery. Although, the staff was very busy but they paid special attention to us since we were accompanied by two babies and a five-year-old. It is recommended if you want to experience the European cafes on the sidewalks; other than that, they don’t have much to offer.


  1. Tao – Pan Asian


Ever since their opening, Tao has become my favorite Chinese/Thai eatery. The food is not only presented in a good manner but is also very tasty. I have been there about four to five times with my baby and the experience has been pleasant every time. The restaurant is a hi-end one and attracts a lot of customers on weekends. Sometimes you have to wait for up to 30 minutes to get a table there. The professional and trained staff would keep a strict eye on your kids but will not say anything mean to you. They are helpful and courteous in their manners. I received few stares from female customers when I fed my baby using my hand in public but that’s how she likes it. Though the staff was nice to us but it was a hard work to keep my baby confined to the baby chair only.

Do not give up your fun just because people stare at you or they do not want you to act in a specific way. You have every right to eat out with your family and friends as other people. I do not prefer leaving my baby at home when I go out to eat due to a number of reasons; one being I want her closer to me, secondly, I want her to socialize at a young age to learn how to behave in public, and thirdly, I also want her to be confident and have her own way in life.

Below is the list of some other baby friendly restaurants you can try out:

  1. Rosati
  2. Espresso
  3. Bella Vita (love this place)
  4. Del Frio
  5. Red Emperor

Happy Socializing Everyone!

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