The tale of a Khaadi sale

For a very long time now, I have stopped going to the sales of any outlet for many reason. The biggest one is that by the time I am done juggling home, baby, work and my social life and reach the outlet, most of the stuff is already sold out and the sales persons look at me as if I have just landed from Mars. I, often, want to yell at them saying, “Yeah! You miss these things when the real life happens, you douche bag!”

But this time, I was too determined to go and grab a few dresses from Khaadi’s sale. The sale started on Saturday and Saturdays are usually when I visit my parents. So I had to plan my visit in such a way that either I go to the mall first with the baby and check out the sale or leave the baby under my dad’s supervision and take my mother with me. I chose the latter, since it was too hot and the baby was sleepy.

After crossing all possible hurdles, I reached the mall and navigated to Khaadi’s outlet. However, when I reached there, I was taken aback. The number of people standing and waiting outside the outlet – most of them men – was outrageous. However, I still wasn’t discouraged. “All I have to do is buy a dress or two from here and then go and check out other outlets”, I told myself. The customers who were coming out of the outlet with their purchases looked like they had just conquered Everest. And why wouldn’t they feel this way? It was a big achievement that they were there before others – like myself – and actually found and bought something worthwhile.

When my mom and I went inside, the craziness was on another level. Eighty percent of the racks were already gone; the empty racks had a very apocalyptic feel to them. The women were just grabbing stuff with both hands and I stood there for few seconds grabbing my mom’s hand to let the scene sink in. The sales people just kept on bringing stuff out of the stock room, which women snatched the moment they set their eyes on them. It was like as if there will be no tomorrow, the way these women were on a shopping galore.

There were at least six of their tills open and each queue had at least 8 people waiting in the line for check out. Every customer – women mostly – carried hand full of stuff and was still eyeing the things the customer before them had in her hands.

I took a round of the outlet and declared that there is nothing I like or want to buy so we should leave. My mom still encouraged me by saying that there are still a few things left, I could choose from them. But I got so claustrophobic and irritated by the number of people and the fact that I came on the first day that too within first few hours and I still found nothing. Either I have gone too slow for such things or people don’t have anything else to do in their lives other than checking out these sales.

But I am not giving up. One day, I will be able to make it in time and buy stuff from the sale.


P.S. A very unhappy customer’s post about how Khaadi is ripping off its customers by increasing prices of the items in sale. Her post on Facebook said that the clothing items have two price tags; one with the actual price and the other on top with inflated price. This kind of makes me happy that I didn’t buy anything from that sale.

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