Sultan of the hearts stays true to his legacy

A Salman Khan movie recently got released (on Eid) and – being the die-hard Sallu Bhai fan that I am – I knew I had to watch it no matter what. The name, the storyline and other cast members of the movie don’t matter as long as Salman Khan is in it. Because frankly speaking, there is nothing much in Salman Khan’s movies other than him.

I have been a huge Salman Khan fan all my life since his first appearance in ‘Biwi Ho To Aisi’. A lot of people do not get my fascination with him when I tell them that I am a Salman Khan fan, which I have never understood why.

Anyway, the new movie Sultan was amazing and I loved it. This might amaze many people but what do you expect when you watch Salman Khan’s movies? Pure entertainment – and that is exactly what you will find in Sultan. From the shirtless Salman in his entry scene to the cute, all-gaga-in-love Salman; from the crazy macho man Salman who can beat an entire army singlehandedly to the emotional teary Salman who can melt even the coldest of hearts, you will find all the varieties in Sultan and more.

His thumkas in the song Baby ko bass pasand hai were tantalizing and fun to much; Anushka Sharma’s moves simply paled in comparison. The dialogues are as robust and trendy as they come in any Sallu Bhai franchise. For example, in one of the scenes, Anushka informs Sultan (Salman’s character) that his blood group is O-negative, which is very rare in the world. To this, he replies,

“Oh, you didn’t have to test my blood to know that I am a rare kind of person. You should have just asked me” – which is true on so many level.

Sultan’s storyline is similar to Real Steel – which is a Hollywood movie of another favorite actor of mine, Huge Jackman – but, of course, it had the Indian touch and masala of Bollywood to make it better. Salman Khan’s presence in the movies is so strong that it overshadows everyone else’s character too. The same happened in Sultan, where Anushka mostly seemed like a filler-character only. Aakash Oberoi’s (Amit Sadh) role was stronger than hers. There was no screen chemistry between the two lead roles, though she tried really hard. Rahat Fateh Ali Khan’s song Jag Ghumiya was a hit and so was Salman Khan’s floor twist in the song.

Another way that this movie is similar to his other films is for its trend-setting panache. Salman Khan is known as a trendsetter; be it the dhoti with coat style in Har dil jo pyar kare ga, the crazy ‘Radhay’ look from Tere Naam or the famous towel move from Mujh se shadi karo gi, all have gone to become iconic fashion movements. And he maintained his legacy through Sultan, by flaunting a studded jacket over shalwar kameez and taking the fashion world by storm. I won’t be surprised to see this trend hitting the market pretty soon.

The movie has already crossed Rs500 crore-marker and has positioned itself among the top all-time hit movies with Salman’s Bajrangi Bhaijan. The Dabangg Khan will keep rocking and breaking records with his entertaining movies and his crazy fans – like yours truly – will keep supporting him, no matter what.

P.S. It breaks my heart, but I had to upload Salman Khan’s fully clothed picture on my husband’s request.

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