Music, mist and smoke: Time for Karachiites to charge-up their nightlife

Nightlife for Karachiites usually mean eating out at Boat Basin, Do Darya or Burns Road; a windy stroll at Port Grand or Sea View; window shopping and dining at food courts of any of the malls. You can tell that eating out is the major part of every Karachiites’ social life. Second major is going to the beach on a breezy/ cloudy/ rainy/ almost any day of the year.

My husband and I always try to think of some new thing we could do on our weekends, but it is usually an exercise in futility; we simple end up doing the same things every week.

However, last weekend turned out to be somewhat different.

It was going to be one of the usual weekends for us, until a really good friend of mine messaged me to ask if we would like to go to this gig on Saturday. She had previously been inviting us to the same gig, which apparently happens every other Saturday, so we agreed and even invited other friends of ours to come along as well.

On the night of the event, my husband wasn’t feeling too well and we almost bailed out of it. But after taking medicines – which is a whole different story – he pushed himself to go. We were supposed to pick another friend of ours on our way. Her house was not exactly on our way but we made a small detour for her. We both have been to her place before as well but somehow we managed to get lost and kept going in circles. We even took help from Google Maps but to no use.

I was getting edgy that my husband would snap any second and tell me to call her and come on her own or that we are going back home since he is not energetic. But thankfully, nothing of the sort happened and the friend called and asked us to meet her near a famous mosque in her area where she hopped cars and came with us.

Since it was our first time, so none of us knew the exact location; however, Google Map helped us this time and we didn’t get lost too much. The house was on a posh and dark street, in one of the high-class areas of the city. We again had a debate about which gate to enter from but eventually found the right place. We entered the main gate and came in a nicely managed lawn with park benches all over the place and people scattered here and there in groups, socializing and having a good time. We met my friend’s husband, who was standing outside talking to his friends. He pointed us to the door and we moved in that direction.

And man, were we up for surprises.

As soon as we opened the door, a strong wave of loud music hit us and made us take a step back before entering. Inside, you couldn’t tell if you were in Pakistan or somewhere abroad. The glamourous crowd, the musical equipment and the voices of the singers were all fascinating. The room was dark, since the spotlight was on the musicians and the singers. The enthusiasm was really high in that room. I felt like I had been teleported from Karachi to Paris or New York – the music scene was enticing!

My husband being a big fan of such music started enjoying it and I relaxed.

People were coming in and out of the room to catch a breath of fresh air as it was getting a bit stuffy in there, even with the air conditioning on full blast. After an hour or so, we also stepped out for a breather, and the welcoming smell of freshly mowed grass, blooming flowers, humidity and smoke gave us all a pleasant sensation. Whenever someone would open the door, the blaring music would fill the lawn for a moment and then everything would go back to hum of talk and chat in the dark.

We came back in the room. People were at the peak of their energy, some were dancing, some were singing with the singer. Everyone was having a good time. Afterwards, the broke off for a refreshment break. Once they came back on stage, it was already 1:30AM, so my and I decided to leave for home as we had to get back to our baby and also drop our friend to her house.

The whole thing, other than getting lost on the road, went well and we enjoyed a lot. We were quite happy that we have found something new and interesting to do in Karachi. Karachi has much to offer in terms of nightlife which you can enjoy if you have right connections.

  • Mariam Zaheer
    July 26, 2016

    Thats cool however no location or other details like how to be part of such evenings have been mentioned ?

    • Shafaq
      July 26, 2016

      Thank you for your comment, Mariam. The details were excluded purposefully.

      Happy reading!

  • sanam khoso
    July 26, 2016

    Where is this place.I must gi there

  • Samia Khan
    September 20, 2016

    i want to go there but in future INSHAALLAH…… when i found “my best friend”. 🙂 🙂 🙂

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