5 of 5 – My Shining Star: Tears of Joy

I was in the labour room for the past 10 hours now when the doctor came in, check me and told me that she will be back immediately after breaking her fast to check me again.

The hour went by quickly. When she came in next, she wasn’t alone. She had two junior doctors with her. Suddenly, the labour room was full of commotion. She told me that they are preparing for receiving the baby as the baby was ready to enter the world.

Since I wasn’t feeling any pain, in fact I wasn’t feeling anything at all, I was all calm. Suddenly, the doctor asked my husband to leave the room but I wanted him to be in the room when the baby came and asked the doctor if he can stay. She sent one of the junior doctors after him but he had vanished by then. The two junior doctors started giving instructions to me and encouraging me to push.

I wasn’t feeling a thing and didn’t know how to do it. They kept shouting and kept pushing. My husband had gone to the loo for five minutes and the baby came out during those five minutes exactly at 8:00PM. When the doctor put her in the cot, I just cried and cried looking at her purple face. When my husband entered the room again and saw the baby, he started laughing and said that was she waiting for me to leave the room for just five minutes.

The doctor then handed her over to my husband who then passed her to me. We were parents now holding our first born. No matter how many kids we will have, she will always hold the honour of making us parents for the first time.

We had shortlisted a few names for baby girls and had left the final choice till she was born. We had decided that whatever she looked like out of the four to five names we had thought, we will name her that. She had her eyes open when she was in her father’s arms and her eyes were like two stars. We named her Soha that means the Shining Star.

My husband and I shared the good news with our families and close friends and everyone was impatient to meet our first born.

After I was moved to the room, my family came to see her. My nieces and nephews were full of joy to meet their new cousin. My family was complete and 1 July 2015 became one of the most memorable days of my life.

(This is the last part of a five-post series in which I am sharing my experience of achieving motherhood.)

  • Sabeen
    July 12, 2016

    What a wonderful start!! I read all the 5 posts in one go :)…Parenthood is such a beautiful thing and it’s only after having kids of our own I think we actually start realizing the pain and suffering, love and care that our parents must have felt while raising us up.
    Happy belated birthday to little Soha and may she always be a shining star.

  • Shafaq
    July 14, 2016

    Hi Sabeen,

    Thank you for reading my blog and appreciating it. I am glad you liked it. It is really exciting for me as well.

    I can’t agree more that parenting is a wonderful feeling but a tough job.

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