4 of 5 – My Shining Star: The real horrors of labour

I was lying in the labour room and so far the pain was still bearable. A couple of machines were attached to me out of which, one was to keep a track of baby’s heartbeat. The baby was expected in next 24 hours, a long wait.

My husband came in and told me that my mom and sister are here to see me but unfortunately, they couldn’t come in as no one other than the husband was allowed in the labour room. But knowing that I really wanted to see them and the charmer my husband is, he brought them both in. we talked for few minutes. Two to three nurses came in, saw my family but said nothing. Finally, one came in and asked them to leave. By that time, even I wanted my mom and sister to go home; one because it was a long wait and two because I didn’t want them to see me in pain and screaming. They both already had tears in their eyes. I still am the baby of the family though I am not the youngest one.

And the real thing started. It seemed that the nurse I met when I first came in was right about the pain. The moment my mother and sister left, I started screaming and panting and hyperventilating. I don’t remember how many nurses came in to see who this crazy woman was screaming her lungs out. But the moment they would lay their eyes on me, their expressions would go soft. I really was in pain. All colour had drained from my face and there was sweat on it. I was a pretty pitiful sight. My whole existence was just a pain. I couldn’t think or feel anything else but the pain. There was no track of time or hunger or any other need other than pain.

There came a time, when I told my husband that I can’t take it anymore and he should ask the doctor to do a caesarean section on me. He called the doctor in and she suggested that we talk to the painkiller experts. When the team came in for the injection, I couldn’t sit still and they refused to work on me in that condition. The nightmare was getting worse. I was nowhere near the required dilation, the pain was excruciating and the doctor wouldn’t give me epidural.

In the midst of all this, my husband felt hungry and wanted to order McDonald’s, since he didn’t had his breakfast.

After a long consultation, the doctors agreed to give me a painkiller that will give me time to stabilize and later on epidural would be injected. Soon after the first injection, the world started to look like a better place again and I started to think about staying alive. I don’t remember for how long correctly, but I passed out for some time and when I woke up McDonald’s meal had arrived.

It was already 3:30PM and there were no signs of the baby. My mother and sister had left for home. The doctor came to check on me. Everything was fine though not as per the plan. The painkiller team visited me again and this time I was stable enough to be injected with epidural.

It was all calm and painless after that.

(This is the fourth part of a five-post series in which I am sharing my experience of achieving motherhood.)

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