3 of 5 – My Shining Star: Expectation vs. reality in maternity ward

During the drive to the hospital, which was 25-minutes-long, it was too difficult to keep still. The pain, though manageable, kept throwing me off-guard with its increased intensity every time.
I was registered at the Aga Khan University Hospital (one of the most reputed hospitals in Karachi) for the delivery, with a really efficient and courteous doctor. This was the same doctor who handled my miscarriage case a year ago. I would add humane as well because, unlike other doctors, she would listen to all my bickering and would advise accordingly. She always told me that I was one of her most composed and calm patients and took the whole pregnancy quite nicely.
Upon our arrival at the labor room, we were not welcomed like they show in the movies but were told to sit and wait patiently as the nurses moved about the area. My doctor had informed the nurse counter in the labour room about my arrival and, almost after 30 minutes, I was taken in. And no, they didn’t take me to the labor room directly. Instead, I was escorted to a room where two other patients with machines attached to them were already lying. I felt like I was part of some elaborate joke.
She put me on the third bed and attached the same kind of machine with me and left. The pains kept coming and going but no sympathy or words of encouragement from the nurses came my way. It was just another usual day at work for them. But for me, this was a life-changing game.
After what felt like forever, a different nurse came and told me that what I was experiencing was not labor pains. I wanted to punch her face and tell her that it looks to me. Another one came and then eventually, a junior doctor came asking for Dr. Ayesha’s – my doctor – patient. And my day was saved, I thought.
She examined me inside-out and told me that my water hadn’t broken but the water bag was ruptured. They will take me in and see how to go about the delivery, she explained. My doctor was on her way. This sounded pretty scary and I got worried for the baby.
Few minutes later, I was shown the labor room where I’d be waiting with my husband for the doctor. The doctor came in shortly after around 9am and informed us that due to the rupture of the bag, she will have to induce me since now the baby is at a risk of getting various infections. So the baby had to be delivered in next 24 hours. She then briefed us on the different options of painkillers including epidural. My husband and I had already talked about it and, knowing how I get when it comes to pain, we had already agreed to opt for epidural. The doctor explained the complete process of induction and made it sound easy and quick.
And then I was induced.

(This is the third part of a five-post series in which I am sharing my experience of achieving motherhood.)

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