1 of 5 – My Shining Star: One year of happiness and joy

My baby has turned one today. A year has been passed since I experienced the excruciating pain of labour and the utmost joy of becoming a parent, a mom.

A year of sleepless nights and walking around in the room not understanding what is wrong with the baby. A year during which there were times when I was about to cross the line towards crazy. A year of being in awe of something so perfect so pure that came from me. A year of thousand moments of self-doubting of doing it right. A year of watching my baby crossing so many milestones; from start seeing to sitting, from eating to crawling and from walking to talking. A year of growing so fast that it feels like a blink of an eye.

Most of all, it was a year of laughter, joy and happiness. The small talks in the morning immediately she wakes up are the highlight of my whole day. The curiosity of knowing how everything works and what does it do is enormous. And to learn about things it is very important that she tastes them first. The day is full of such discoveries; how does the remote work? Which one is for what appliance? How do the batteries taste like? What do they fill in a diaper? How you can slip through your baby chair? There is no ending to it.

I am very excited to celebrate her first birthday with family and friends. Though we wanted to invite a lot of people, since she is loved by my coworkers, friends and my husband’s employees too but it is a small group.

(This is the first part of a five-post series in which I will be sharing my experience of achieving motherhood… hope you will read through… and if you do, you will surely enjoy :))

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  • Newmom
    March 24, 2016


    Great writing piece here Shafaq. I can totally relate to things that you have shared.
    Good effort in starting this blog. Cheers

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